Go Bold With ybf Lips

Since Spring time is for romance, which means lots of kissing. Make your lips as luscious as possible with these new products from ybf!

Nude Shades for Spring! – Groundbreaking. Go Bold with ybf

Nude colored lips for spring….real original. Your Best Friend (ybf) says keep that lipstick strikingly bold for Spring 2018! From deep berry to daring coral lips, go against the grain this spring with ybf (your best friend) with unexpected pops of colors.

ybf Fall in Love Lipstick & Lipgloss Duo

When you’re sexy and confident, you can’t help but steal the spotlight. Let your lips be just as bold with this high-impact pair. The creamy formulas load your lips with a rich, luscious berry color as they help smooth the appearance of fine lines. A pout this pretty deserves attentionThis lightly scented, hydrating lipstick and lip gloss duo is suitable for every skin tone and will leave lips looking bold and voluptuous. With a creamy paraben-free formula infused with Smart Active Complexes, lips are rich, luminous and smooth for a soft n’ silky, pout.

The fall in love lipstick comes with a convenient case with a protractible mirror attached, making it the perfect lip essential to take and apply on the go.

PRICE: $22.80

SHADES: Passionate Pink, Bloomin’ Berry/Rockin’ Raspberry, Regal & Romantic Red, & Kissable Coral

USAGE: Apply evenly to lips starting at the center of the upper lip and moving outward toward one corner and then to the other. Repeat with the bottom lip, blot and you have a voluptuous, smooth finish.

AVAILIBILITY: ybfbeauty.com

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