Update Your Fall Wardrobe with Pure Collection

Don’t let this last NYC heatwave fool you into thinking that Fall is not upon us!  It’s time to pack away most of those summer clothes (I am keeping my white jeans out, thank you!) and make sure you are Fashion ready for cooler temps.  This year, I got a minor moth outbreak in late summer.  I was able to thwart it, but it was already too late to rescue almost five sweaters!  So I am looking forward to replacing them with some hot pieces from Pure, an online retailer that offers “British Style At Its Best” to the global shopping community.  As I toss out yet another moth eaten sweater, I am particularly excited about the Pure Cashmere Cardigan Collection where I found tons of adorable cashmere styles.  I want to just toss out my entire wardrobe and start over with some of these stunning pieces!

Below check out my favorite pieces from Pure to spice up your Fall look.  And since it is almost holiday season, I threw in a couple hot gift ideas for that hunky man in your Life!



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