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Spring always brings both and renewal and the realization that you are going to have to be  beach ready in a couple months!  If you are like me, you are not yet ready to squeeze into the bikini.  For the month of March,  TGATP will be featuring stories on the best products and ideas to get you tip-top for swimsuit season!

First up, Turboslim. This winter, I attended a luncheon for Turboslim, which is the number one diet pill in France, and has just hit our shelves.  I used it for a couple weeks over the holidays and while I didn’t lose any weight, I, at least, didn’t gain any either.  I say this as I didn’t exactly diet while taking Turboslim.  On the contrary, I stuffed my face with all the holiday trappings – stuffing, cakes, ice cream, etc. – so NOT gaining was incredible.  It had to be the pills.

The Turboslim program is based on a two-pill system.  You take one at lunch then another at dinner.  The first pill, or Turboslim Day, is according to the manufacturers a “bio complex” that helps control weight and burn fat, which will transform excess pounds into energy.  The second, or Turboslim night, aids in the prevention of water retention while you sleep. This is not for people, who would be ideal candidates for the “Biggest Loser” and need to shed a whole person, Turboslim is designed to help you drop that last stubborn ten to fifteen pounds.

At the luncheon, the scientist who developed Turboslim discussed the importance of maintaining a healthy emotional balance to effectively drop extra weight.  This is definitely important as when you see me skinny, it means I am at my happiest and the converse is also true.

Here are some healthy diet tips from the makers of Turboslim:

  1. Eat fiber every day. Fiber slows down sugars, “soaks up” fat, and cleanses and regulates the digestive track. Where to find the best sources? Raw veggies (in moderation), or two teaspoons of oat or wheat bran mixed into yogurt or applesauce will do the trick.
  2. Take vitamins every day! Americans suffer from all sorts of vitamin deficiencies as a result of our culture’s obsession with refined foods. Take back your health with a daily multivitamin taken during a meal.
  3. Moderate salt intake. Ah, salt. The flavorful seasoning we love to hate and hate to love. Whatever you do, don’t drive yourself crazy — the  “no salt” rule is just not realistic. Just be smart about it: try mixing a little salt into an herb and spice mix (or use an Herbes de Provence mix) to season your food, and never re-salt after cooking.
  4. Learn to identify the difference between a good fat and a bad fat. Bad fats are of the saturated variety (think bacon and egg yolks). Good fats are of the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated varieties (like fish, olive oil, nuts, and avocados).
  5. Walk, walk, walk. French women don’t belong to “gyms.” They just walk everywhere. Walking is the single best method for regulating metabolism, nervous system and blood sugar level.
  6. Remove the “extreme diet” lingo from your vocabulary. They don’t work. Why? Because historically, people don’t stick to them, which creates a yo-yo effect, which paves the way for obesity. The best diet is “rebalancing” the neurodigestive circuits, which ultimately leads to healthy weight loss and achievement of your “ideal weight.” This is what Turboslim does!
  7. Understand glycemic and Slim-Data food indexes. This will help you recognize the impact foods have on organs and digestion. Find a helpful chart at
  8. Learn the essentials of balanced meals. The importance of fruits, vegetables and herbs to balance out protein and fat consumption is the essence of any healthy diet.  Add in healthy doses of non-sparkling, room temperature water throughout the day and you’ve got a recipe for perfection.
  9. Appreciate the notion that “time” is on your side. Sure, you can’t turn back the hands of time, but you can make each tick more enjoyable. This means, enjoy the time you spend cooking a meal (it’s great stress relief) and savor each bite slowly (it improves assimilation and is better for digestion).
  10. Keep your emotions in check. Stress and emotional pressure have a major impact on our metabolic balance. So take five minutes before and after each meal to just sit, relax, and breathe. Your body (and your mind) will thank you!

(TGATP would add “moderate sugar intake” to this list!)

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