The 10 Top Beauty Gadgets For 2013!

Regular TGATP readers know that I believe that your home should be a relaxing oasis kitted out with all of the best beauty gadgets to maximize the health of your face, mind, and body!  These new gadgets are the best on the market for at-home treatments and will definitely make your holidays and all other days bright.

1. Clarisonic Aria(see above) – The Aria is the latest and greatest from Clarisonic.  Each generation of this essential cleansing tool is better than the last!   The Aria approves on earlier models with a timer programmable for 1 or 2 minutes, 3 speeds, a battery life indicator, a usb-enabled travel charger, and a drying stand that doubles as a charger!   The new Aria comes in Black, Red, and White and utilizes all the brushes we have come to love.

2. PMD Personal Microdermabrasion– A new at home machine that delivers salon quality microdermabrasion.  Utilizing gentle rotating discs with aluminum oxide crystals, the PMD safely and smoothly glides across the skin exfoliating and polishing the surface of the skin removing dead skin cells.


3. NuFace Trinity – NuFace is one of our sponsors because they work!  When you see me you can definitely tell if I have been using mine regularly or not by how tight my face is.  This nifty at home treatment delivers tightening in just one 10 to 20 minute session.  I can’t live without it.

4. BMR Facial TonerWith a  lightweight headset-based delivery system on and it conveniently positions gel pads on both sides of your face to gently and effectively stimulate all the facial nerves that control the facial expression muscles. The result is a massage-like affect that helps to rejuvenate your face to more youthful levels in just 20 minutes a day. Since it is hands free, you can use it whenever you like.

5. Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light Therapy Offers 8 times the bacteria destroying light energy than other devices and still gentle enough to use every day. 

6. GLO Brillant Teeth Whitening SystemI included this on last year’s list and it is still a must-have.  At home teeth whitening system that delivers the same results as professional whitening at a fraction of the costs.

7. Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kits – Kit contains enough for 10 salon gel manicures that provide up to 2 weeks wear.  The LED lamp seals the mani so you have zero dry time which is perfect for gals like me that are always smudging their manis!

8.  Bliss Fat Girl Slim Lean Machine – This year is all about TGATP getting in shape so I will be utilizing this baby a lot!  With diet and exercise this eliminates cellulite and tones your whole body.

9. Jose Eber Glass Tech Flat Iron – Another product I can’t live without.  Straightens hair without damaging it through a patented infrared lamp system which produces infrared heat that combats damage and promotes healing. One word: LOVE!


10.  Book Light from the Sleep Studio – Sleep is the number one beauty remedy.  I love all of the products curated for the new store the Sleep Studio and will be doing a separate post on them later.  But the must have for the holidays is this wonderful lamp that allows you to read while still preparing you for sleep.  The amber light encourages the production of melatonin to ensure that your reading time before bed is truly relaxing.   This is a must-have for anyone, who like me works or reads right up to sleeping.

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