Tips for Using the Luminess Airbrush Tanning System

Until very recently I was a complete sun worshipper.  Summer after summer, I have lathered tanning oils on my skin and laid out for hours, skin cancer warnings be damned!  I simply look better with a healthy glow –  thinner, eyes whiter, teeth brighter – just better.  But as I have gotten wiser and due to a ton of warnings from an assortment of Doctor’s and experts, I am now as committed to self tanning as I once was to baking.  My dream came true when the gals at Luminess Air offered me an at-home Airbrush Tanning System for a spin.  (I had hoped to do a comparative review of Luminess and Dinair — but the Dinair folks offered us machines then never followed up.)

The Luminess tanning system is fantastic!  It is so wonderful conveniently to be able to do an at-home spray tan that is quick and contained.  There was no muss and no fuss with the assembly and no mess left in the bathroom. I am now a gorgeous golden brown abet a bit streaky in places due to an inexperienced hand!  But the few uneven spots are hardly noticeable and I’m sure that I will get better at the application process with practice.

My new motto is:  Why bake it when you can fake it?  I very highly recommend the Luminess Airbrush Tanning System as a means to give yourself a healthy year round glow without the risk of irreversible sun damage or worse, melanomas!  Everyone wants to be bronzed but cancer is definitely not the way!  My first day sporting my new tan I got hit on by four different very young guys, so it definitely makes a happy difference!  At this rate, the next 13 days before I have to re-apply it should be very interesting, indeed!

The Luminess Airbrush Tanning System retails for a very affordable $149.00 with tanning refills just $29.00 for two!  This is a much more affordable option of $15 per month versus the $65-$75 that I used to spent for a monthly salon spray tan.  The system pays for itself within 3 months for anyone who regularly tans.

Some tips for using your Luminess Tanning System:

  1. Definitely make sure you exofilate properly before use for a more even tan.  I dried brushed first, then used a non-moisturizing cleanser, and finally let my skin dry out for a good 20 minutes after the shower before applying the spray tan.
  2. The bottle of solution can seem awkwardly situated at first.  But make sure to screw it on tight enough as I threw mine across the bathroom  during my first application attempt.
  3. Make sure to hold the nozzle at least 8′ away to ensure that you get an even tan.  Too close makes it harder to avoid streaks.
  4. If you get streaks, you can just exofilate and re-apply after properly drying.
  5. Practice makes perfect.  While I found the lever on the pin a bit awkward, at first; you get the hang of it by your second application.
  6. After the 8-14 hour wait to wash and moisturize, make sure to moisturize deeply as it makes the tan pop!  I used Eight’s Moisturizing Body Wash and The Body Shop’s Hemp Body Butter to hydrate the skin to the maximum and afterwards the tan absolutely glowed.
  7. Use a tanning maximizer to make your tan last even longer
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