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I have always had a fascination with anyone, who is gifted in the art of psychic mediumship.  Last week, I had the great pleasure to have a reading with the amazing Linda Lauren, who utilizes color and energy therapy to help people live their best lives.  She enlightened me to some things I didn’t know and confirmed others that I did, about myself.  Afterwards, we had a chat about her talent and her new book, “Hostage in Time”.

TGATP:  Wow you are a fourth generation psychic medium!  Who was the first in your family and what side was it?

LL:  Both sides, but primarily on my father’s side from both his parents, more so his mother.  My grandmother was sort of a healer and neighborhood counsel back in her day.  My father relates stories to me that include his grandmother and great-grandmother as well.  So actually, if you include my father, I’m the 5th generation.   My mother was an extremely intuitive woman in her own right, and traced her intuitive abilities to her grandmother on her mother’s side.  She was good at dream interpretations.

TGATP:  You read the color aura around people and the places and objects that they come in contact with.  Tell us about that. For example, what are color auras and where do they come from?  Does every thing have a color aura?  What are some of the most common colors you see and what do they mean?  Why is it important to one’s well being?  And are there auras that are not compatible with other ones.  Like can it be a clashing aura that makes people not get along?

LL:  What I do is to combine Color and Energy Therapy to help people work with the colors in their lives to positive benefit.  Everything contains energy and I am able to see the colors that depict that energy.  Each color is indicative of something the person is experiencing.  That is neither good nor bad, it just is.  However, my guidance helps them to use the colors to their advantage.   When you are using the right colors you feel good and when you feel good you encourage good health in all areas.  There are some common colors like shades of blue (encouraging clear communication) and purple (intuitive awareness) that are important to splash into one’s day and/or thoughts.

As to whether colors “clash,” I would say that it is more a matter of the person learning to focus on the colors that feel good to them.  That usually works if people in relationships understand that.  I counsel a lot of people on the benefits of using the colors I “read” in their relationships.

TGATP:   How can a person change the color energy around himself.  For example, right now tons of people are struggling financially.  
How can they raise their prosperity and gain abundance through color energy? 

LL:  Green.  Yes, for us, green is the color of money.  It also signifies the heart and it’s deepest need.  Green is the color to focus on, splash into one’s life.  The step after that is to raise the person’s awareness and that is what I strive to do.  Those that follow me on Twitter (@LindaLauren) are treated to a heads up on color daily, as I focus on the color energy of each day.

TGATP:   When did you first learn that you had a gift for seeing color auras?  Could you see them as a child and who first recognized your gift?

LL:  I was three years old when I first started to see things.  When people would speak, I’d see colorful bubbles coming out through their lips.  Those colors created an emotion of:  happy, sad, sick, and healthy.  That is what I knew:  how the colors made me feel.  It was my mother (and later my further studies with chakras) that brought forth a clearer understanding of the meaning of color as it connects to energy and how to work that energy to someone’s benefit.

TGATP:   Is seeing auras something we all can develop? 

LL:  Yes!  It takes meditation, guidance and practice.  I offer private classes on development for color and energy awareness.

TGATP:  You also are into Second Life.  How did you get into that and why?  Can you explain how the virtual Life affects one’s real Life, if at all? 

LL:  I have a global clientele and I am always looking for alternative ways to accommodate them.  I am very tech savvy and learning new things.  I had heard some podcasts talk about and I saw this as a possible opportunity to extend my reach.  I was not disappointed.

Here was this 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents.  It allowed entrepreneurs to create a likeness of them called an avatar; meet others, buy and sell land, conduct business and have relationships. It’s a remarkable place where anything is possible, and where real commerce with real money exchanges hands.   I have met great people, created incredible virtual products that mime my real life products, and have successfully crossed the line of real life/Second Life and am able to create online marketing in a different way.    In Second Life I am the “premier psychic medium” and the only source for Reiki products that are most affective as their real life counterparts.  My business has been in Second Life since 2006.

TGATP:  Wow!  I’ll have to explore Second Life more!  What is the number one thing that people can do to bring more peace into their lives?  And #2, 3, 4, and 5.  :-D

LL:  Meditate.  Meditation is the key to awareness.  It allows us to respond to life with the reason necessary to receive information properly, instead of reacting with raging emotion on the same issue.  Meditate and get it straight, is my motto.  That will be the start of peace because it brings everything to you to create peace: from lowering blood pressure (literally) to helping you create a more mindful existence that pays attention to your spirit. #2 Meditate #3 Meditate #4 Meditate, and finally, #5 Meditate!

TGATP:  Also, any predictions for the future of the Nation and the world? 
  Do nations also have a color aura and if so, what is the current one around the US and can we change it for the positive if need be?

LL:  I don’t do predictions because everything I read is based on energy and therefore, fleeting in terms of global concerns.  But I do focus on trends.  And one of the biggest problems we are faced with is global negativity.  A lot of that is brought on by inaccurate news reporting and reality television.  Seems we are a nation and a world, who talks peace, but practices war.  Those people telling each other off on reality television releases that energy like harmful rays into the lives of everyone who watches.  This energy has the potential to carry over into the issues of the nation and the world in real life.  Think about how many times people have gotten angry over someone else’s anger?  Too many to count, and I hope that changes.  I feel the trend is moving in that direction and I’m grateful for that!

Our colors are red, white and blue and that energy suggests that when we speak our truth (blue) with clarity (white) we move positively forward (red) with passion rather than rage.   And yes, colors can be changed if we take that aspect seriously.

TGATP:  Uh-oh, I am pitching a couple of reality shows.  Hate to think I am contributing to something negative.  You spoke of how those that pass on live only in Love.  And how can we get to that state before we die?  Is this true for everyone?  
 What is the number one thing that most of our loved ones that pass on want to say to us?

LL:  Yes, it’s true for everyone.  And it is not a state that we need to achieve before we die. It is a state we are already in and it is our choice to embrace the peace needed to move with the actions necessary to receive, live and send that love to others.  The one thing they want to pass along from the other side is that they are only a vibration away and that they are happy.  All we have to do is seek mindfulness and silence to start that dialog.   Love heals and love makes all the difference.

TGATP:  Thanks so much.  It is so reassuring to know that my beloved Mom, who just passed a year ago, is only a vibration away.  What was the funniest or strangest thing that happened during a medium reading?

LL:  Perhaps it was the time, during a group Psychic Evening of Audience Readings with the other side that a man came through riding an exercise bike. I was embarrassed to say what I saw to the audience, but his sister said to please share it.  Well, he was naked on the bike and there were porn magazines all around him on the floor of his man cave!  I said this.  Everyone laughed, and his sister said: “That’s him!  He was so funny!”   Thank God for the sense of humor on the other side!


TGATP Wow, still a horndog in the afterlife!  Happy 60th!  How does it feel?

LL:  Thank you!  It actually feels great!  My cake was a crystal ball cake that was specially made.  It included my angel logo and the cover of my latest time travel romance. (see photo above)

TGATP You have a new novel, Hostage in Time.  Tell us a little about it.

LL:  Hostage in Time is a time travel romance that goes back and forth between present time and 1884. While filming the historic Serenity house, home of Thomas Edison’s patent attorney Jonathan Brisbane, things become very complicated for photographer Amanda Lloyd when she suddenly finds herself transported back in time to 1884. Accused by Brisbane of being a spy, she is put under house arrest, becoming a hostage to history. As she becomes accustomed to life in the 19th century, her growing love for Jonathan is shattered when a scorned traitor sets them up, forcing the pair to work together to unravel the secrecy of missing documents before Amanda is arrested for treason and history is changed forever. With the help of a spiritualist medium, they are able to find and understand their destiny.

I wrote it because I love time travel romance and have always had an affinity for the 1884 time period.  I am also a champion of historic preservation and Thomas Edison’s house, Glenmont, is located in my hometown of West Orange.  Additionally, my metaphysical center is located in the very haunted Historic Smith-Williams House built in 1750.  I would like my time travel novels to help preserve the rich history of the energy of buildings, battlefields and landmarks so that the energy of those who pave the way for us is held in gratitude and shared with those who come after us.

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