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That Girl At The Party Oscar Predictions

Gosh, can’t believe how many really great films there were this year! I was however, almost ready to boycott the Oscars over the glaring snub of “The Butler,” which I feel is a better movie that “12 Years A Slave”. While I liked the latter, “The Butler” was an African-American epic! Another inexplicable snub was “August Osage County”which featured a powerhouse of acting from just about everyone involved. That Margo Martindale and Chris Cooper were not nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Actor, respectively was also a wrongful omission. Here are my predictions!

The Five Best Late Summer Films

Summer 2013 has seen a slew of entertaining films and the next few weeks promise to continue this great trend! Here are the films that both entertained and inspired me some of which you can see now and some soon to be opening.