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Downton Abbey Is A Complete Delight

Downton Abbey a complete delight. This is a wonderous standalone story for both fans and newcomers to the story. You do not have to have watched the series or know the characters to appreciate and enjoy the film. This is the first fall must-see.

Sisters The Other Movie Opening This Weekend

Hey there are other movies coming out this weekend. If you can’t get that Force Awakens ticket, this Poehler/Fey laugh fest is a great alternative. Read this review by guest contributor, Christine Faison aka “The Ref” from the hot entertainment podcast “Why Watch That” on the Dynamic Network. (Level 3)

Happy Feet Two

I really, really, really wanted to like “Happy Feet Two” more. Fresh off of laughing my ass off at “Puss in Boots”, I was expecting the same sort of witty repartee and adult innuendo. But while the visuals were excellent (especially the krill swarms), Happy Feet Two was just too damn serious for me. If you saw “Happy Feet” you will want to see what happened to our beloved Mumble and Gloria. But don’t expect a tons of laughs.