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It’s Time To Be Real About The Barbie Movie’s Oscar Worthiness

I’m going to say it, the “Barbie” movie was fun. However, just because it made a ton of money does NOT make it a great or Oscar-worthy film. Neither Greta Gerwig, Ryan Gosling, or Margo Robbie achieved that excellence in “Barbie”. The feminist outrage that Greta and Margo were not nominated for work that wasn’t their best —even if if did make lots of money —is greatly misplaced and does not serve us well. Read on for my views on diversity in Hollywood and also my picks for the Oscars this year.

The Adjustment Bureau

It is very important going in to understand that The Adjustment Bureau is NOT “Inception” or “the Matrix.” I expected a story as intricate and amazing as those films and was sorely disappointed. More a romance than sci-fi, it is a shame that the studio didn’t just market it as such, instead of trying to dupe us into thinking it is more than it is. That said, there are few films more charmingly romantic than this.