Satisfy Your Shoe Fetish with Viva La

A Hot Bettie Page Shoe!


I am a second generation shopaholic and constantly on the lookout for great shopping sites both in the US and globally.  I even shop online when I travel.  Which  is how I recently discovered a cute site from the UK called Viva La, that sells designer shoes and handbags at a discount.  The brand is “committed to providing the greatest selection of brands on the Internet and fantastic customer service to make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible”.  I say “amen” to that since no TGATP gal can ever have enough shoes!

I am particularly fond of these gorgeous (and sexy) Bettie Page inspired shoes! They are so sexy that your man may not let you leave the house in them or ever take them off!


Here are some of my other picks from Viva La Diva‘s current offerings:



That Girl At the Party

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