How to Enjoy a Romantic Weekend Getaway in the Catskills


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I am mad for the Catskills having recently discovered them through my wonderful stays at Yo1 Wellness. No matter what time of year it is, the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York have always held a special allure for just about everyone from any walk of life. In fact, the ‘magical’ mountains are legendary since children have grown up listening to tales, such as the classic Rip Van WinkleWhile you probably won’t fall asleep only to wake up 20 years later, you will enjoy the magic of the Catskills, as did American author Washington Irving. Although the short story was written in 1819, the magic remains today. Here is what you can expect on a romantic weekend getaway to this magical region, which is just an hour and a half, outside the big city!

Lodges Galore

There is no lack of lodges in the Catskills, but many of the top-rated lodges book up quickly all year long. You would think that they would only be filled to capacity during ski season in the winter or during summer vacay season. However, this isn’t always the case. Take Kate’s Lazy Meadow Motel, owned by Kate Pierson, the lead singer of the famed 80’s punk band, the B52s. If ever there was an eclectic mix of nostalgia and comfort, this would be the place to stay for a romantic getaway. There are also a number of now famous motels in Woodstock, where the concert that gave birth to an ‘age’ was held half a century ago. You’ll have no lack of lodges to choose from. But you will need to plan ahead.

Don’t Spend All Your Time Indoors

Yes, it’s a romantic weekend getaway in the Catskills. However, that doesn’t mean you should spend all your time indoors enjoying each other’s company. Take the romance everywhere you go by getting outdoors for a spell. Take a stroll, hand in hand, while stopping to smell the roses.  If you can’t find roses in the winter, don’t worry. Get out your comfortable Balenciaga sneakers and hit the paths. Not only will you be among the fashionable elite, who spend their weekends in this lovely mountain paradise, but you’ll be comfortable enough to walk for miles and miles. In fact, this collection are a personal favorite of those, who love to spend time outdoors enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Some of the Best Food New York Has to Offer

Because the area caters to some of the most discerning connoisseurs in the world, there are a number of world class chefs, who either head kitchens in posh resorts or have opened their own eateries. Some of the restaurants with a more regional or eclectic menu close on odd days of the week. For example, The Red Onion is closed on Wednesdays. This isn’t as odd as it seems if you take into consideration that weekends are busy days with scads of tourists. Thus, the only days those in the industry can get a breather and a day of rest is midweek, when traffic is the lightest.

So there you have a bit about how to enjoy a romantic weekend in the Catskills. Don’t worry though, if you do oversleep, there’ll be someone to wake you before it’s time to head back home.

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