Rohto® Ice Cooling Eye Drops Keep Your Peepers Sparkling!



Summer is here, and that brings with it a unique set of eye issues: The red, irritated eye after a long swim; the itchy eye after a mid-day hike; even the dry eye from your home’s air conditioning. All of these can make the warm weather months a less than eye-opening experience. Rohto® Ice All-in-One Cooling Eye Drops have the right formula to tackle any of these problems and keep your eyes looking and feeling good all summer long.

Rohto® Ice All-in-One Cooling Eye Drops, is your summer’s secret eye-care weapon. Its mix of fast-acting and highly effective ingredients provide fast, cooling relief for eight symptoms, to relieve red, dry, itchy, irritated, burning, gritty, watery and stinging eyes. And unlike ordinary eye drops it contains Rohto’s proprietary Freshkick™ technology, an intense freshness formula which relieves irritation and soothes and comforts eyes for up to eight hours.

“We know our consumers are super active and have action-packed summers ahead of them. The last thing they want to worry about is irritated eyes, but they need an eye care solution that is as flexible and on-the-go as they are,” said Erick Estrada, Director of Marketing for Rohto® and OXY®. “Rohto® Ice All-in-One Cooling Eye Drops are your quick and easy solution for common summer eye problems. They provide fast relief so you can get back in the action without skipping a beat. We’re excited to play an important part in keeping peoples’ eyes looking and feeling good this summer.”

Packaged in a small, attractive clear bottle with a single dose dispenser, Rohto® Ice All-in-One Cooling Eye Drops are easy to pack in any bag. Perfect to take along to dusty outdoor music festivals, backyard BBQ’s, long summer road trips and days spent at the pool or beach.

In addition to Rohto® Ice All-in-One Cooling Eye Drops, the Rohto® brand offers a full line of products that provide fast relief for a variety of symptoms to have your eyes looking and feeling good. Dive head first into summer with the coolest eye drops on the block.

Where To Buy: Rohto® Cooling Eye Drops are available in drugstores, mass merchandisers and supermarkets nationwide at an MSRP of $5.99 per bottle.

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