Radius Toothbrushes, Scrubz, and Spayology Make Healthy Stocking Stuffers


Three of my favorite products from the previews this year make healthy stocking stuffing ideas.  First, I am addicted to Sprayology, a line of homeopathic potions designed to address a multitude of everyday ailments and provide necessary supplements.  I am currently utilizing a variety of them, including the incredible Stress Relief, to get me through the stress of my first Motherless holiday season.  I am also fond of the B-12 Folic Acid formulation. Check out all the 24 different formulas at:  http://www.sprayology.com.


Secondly, Radius Toothbrushes are in one word: awesome!  Not just a toothbrush but a mouthwash, Radius has turned the category on its head by throwing out traditional toothbrush standards and developing a unique toothbrush that makes brushing easy, comfortable and fun. Radius steered away from the thin stick handle shape dating back to when people broke twigs off the Neem Trees to chew on and clean their teeth, opting for a large handle that’s more comfortable to hold and maneuver.  They also vastly increased the size of the bristle head, which had never been done, making it easy to massage the gums while brushing and cover more surface of your mouth in a shorter amount of time.

My favorite is the Source with replaceable nylon heads on handles available in recycled US Treasury bills, Flax and Wood and the Scuba, which comes in bright vibrant colors.  Besides TGATP, Radius has a dedicated following of stars including Sting, Whoopi Goldberg, and Cher!  Pick up Radius Toothbrushes at Whole Foods, Target, The Vitamin Shoppe, or order online through Amazon.



And finally, the Scrubz Line is “softening the world one jar at a time” with beautifully scented oils, scrubs, body butters, balms for belly, body and lips,and shaving creams for women and men.  All of these wonderful products are 100% pure and free of parabens, petro-chemicals, gluten, alcohol, artificial preservatives, and artificial color.   My favorite scents are the citrus and the fresh and clean ones but there is one for every taste.  Scrubz is also doing amazing work for the environment by asking customers to reuse their containers.  All sizes of Scrubz and Butterz by Scrubz are available “naked” – no bag, scoop or tag – for a savings of .50 on every purchase!  And a portion of every  “just the jar” sale benefits Green Peace USA.  Scrubz products are available at Whole Foods or online at:  http://www.scrubzbodyscrub.com/

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