Get These Yummy Spicy Snacks For Cinco De Mayo



This Cinco de Mayo treat your family to a wholesome snack alternative from Popcorn, Indiana, maker of America’s #1 selling Kettlecorn. Choose from Sriracha or Cheese Jalapeno for the perfect addition to your Cinco festivities. Popcorn, Indiana’s heirloom popcorn is grown in small batches in the Midwest. It is non GMO, gluten free, and wholegrain. A family-friendly snack – there’s something about sharing a big bowl of popcorn that brings families together. Besides, who doesn’t love popcorn?


In Popcorn Indiana, they know that us, city folk, like a spicy red sauce called the Sriracha. So they went and put it on their small-batch popcorn. The perfect mix of red chili peppers, cane sugar, and other spices, the Sriracha has quite a bite. It’s like being kicked by a mule…in a good way. SRP $3.79.

Cheese Jalapeno

How much flavor can dance on a piece of popcorn? Well, the Popcorn Indiana Cheese Jalapeno Popcorn intends to find out. Jalapeño peppers, creamy cheddar cheese, and other spices are all infused in their kettle-popped popcorn. Hot, zesty and spicy all dancing together in perfect harmony. Yowza! SRP $3.79. 

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