Nutrafol For Women Is A Lifesaver For Hair Growth

Stress, years of braids and extensions and normal aging have taken a real toil on my hair. It is thinning at the hairline and I am so happy that their are a ton of both products and tools that can help me grow it back. I am partnering with a number of companies to bring you the very best choices to help you combat this very common problem. First up, NUTRAFOL for Women!

Nutrafol for Women is perfect for re-growing healthy hair both after giving birth and during and after menopause. A few months after giving birth, many women notice that they will shed quite a bit of hair. Postpartum hair loss is more common than you might think –40% to 50% of women who have given birth experience it as it’s the body’s natural way of ridding the 9 months worth of hair it held onto during the pregnancy. 

“While women are pregnant, the female hormones estrogen and progesterone skyrocket, causing the body to look and feel different. These hormones are not only responsible for making your mood more unreliable than ever, but can also give you that famous glow. The hormones change the way your body looks, but also how your hair looks. A lot of women experience increased hair growth, volume and shine while being pregnant,” Dr. Dendy Engelman, board certified dermatologist. After giving birth, the body stops producing the excessive amounts of female hormones, the estrogen levels plummet, and hair follicles move from the growing phase to the resting phase, leading the hair to fall out. The same process happens when women go through menopause and once again hormone levels plummet wreaking havoc on your hair, particularly the hairline.
NUTRAFOL for Women is a preventative approach, reduce the shedding cycle, and help the body rebalance and regrow thicker, healthier hair.s formulated with key ingredients such as Ashwaghandha, Saw Palmetto, Kelp and BioCurcumin that can help balance elevated hormonal levels, reduce elevated stress levels, and restore the key nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. After about 3-4 months, you will start to see the voluminous healthy hair that you love.
While you wait….
  • Use a volumizing hair mousse that will give your hair an extravagant boost. Also, make sure your hair is moisturized by using hair masks, conditioner and avoiding heat styling tools.
  • Consider changing your haircut – not necessary to go as far as the mom bob!
  • Wear accessories, like the black headband, to divert attention or cover your hairline (thank you Eva Chen for making this a trend)!
  • Have fun- enjoy that little bundle of love! And remember #ThisTooShallPass
About Nutrafol:
Nutrafol is a science based research and development company focused on formulating hair health solutions. Nutrafol products for men and women are available through multiple channels including physicians, salons and online. The company is committed to providing natural, healthy and effective solutions for hair loss and poor hair health. For further information, please visit: and follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @Nutrafol.
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