Molly Ringwald launches “Getting Pretty Back” at Swarovski Cystallized

I have always loved Molly Ringwald!  From back in the ’80s when she first broke on the scene, Molly has always seemed like the coolest gal and one that you would want to be BFFs with!  Meeting her in person only makes me like her more!  Her new book “Getting the Pretty Back: Friendship, Family, and Finding The Perfect Lipstick”, while written with  the 40 and over crowd in mind, is a must-read for any woman who wants to be truly fabulous.  With helpful tips on everything from how to stage the perfect dinner party to choosing loyal friends to the joys of being single, Molly’s musings are both practical and amusing.   And delightfully, Molly never comes off as an “actress” living a Hollywood Life that is foreign to the average reader.  She, unpretentiously, gives advice that every woman from every walk of Life can use.  I just love her!

The party to celebrate Molly’s book was held at the Swarovski Crystallized Store in Soho and was jammed packed with fun and glamorous people.  The book is illustrated by the darling Ruben Toledo, who kindly drew an adorable illustration of me in my copy.  It was great to meet Ruben and his wife Isabel, just hours after seeing them on-screen in the Joey Arias bio documentary Arias with a Twist.” I also got to meet Cindy Sherman, one of my favorite artists!  Kimberly Guilfoyle and Anisha Lakhani were also in attendance. This was yet another swell TGATP NYC evening out!


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