Meet More People (And Listen To Pharrell) To Stay Happy

Pharrell Makes Us Happy



What do “very happy” people do every day? They meet new people. This is among the findings of a new survey conducted by Skout, the leading global app that helps people meet new friends and expand their social circles. More than 8,000 people were surveyed. Additional findings from Skout’s Happiness Survey include:

Happy people meet new people, every day!

The majority of people (64%) who report feeling “very happy” say they meet someone new, every day.

The majority of unhappy people, on the other hand, say they meet someone new only once a month.

The secret to a better mood, more confidence and increased productivity? Meet someone new and strike up a friendly conversation.

59% of women and 56% of men say when they meet someone new, they are in a better mood for the rest of the day.

Nearly half of women (45%) say they feel more confident when they have a fun conversation with someone new.

25% of men and 21% of women actually report they are more productive at work after having a fun conversation with someone they’ve just met!

60% of people are more flattered by a compliment received from someone they have just met vs. someone they know.
Most people have a friend they have met online but never in-person.

76% of people say they have a friend that they have met only online, never in person.

Online-only friends are great secret keepers: 53% of people say they would share a secret with someone they just met online vs. with a friend or family.

Just for the record (pun intended), listening to Pharrell Williams “Happy” song does make you happier.

Even 5+ months after the song’s release, 62% of people say they still feel happier when they hear the Pharrell Williams song “Happy.”

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