#MagicMikeXXL Is The Most Fun You Will Ever Have



Magic Mike XXL is the most fun you will have at the movies – not just this summer – ever!  The plot is simple. It’s three years later and Mike decides to road trip with his buddies from Florida to perform at the annual Stripper Convention in South Carolina. Along the way, the guys party and have romantic dalliances with various women, including Andi McDowell and Amber Heard. Jada Pinckett-Smith, shines as Mike’s ex, who he recruits as the new MC for the Kings.  The one misstep in the film is the lack of a sex scene between Jada and Channing, who are sheer heat together.  Matthew McConaughey is not at all missed, as Pinckett-Smith plays it far more convincingly.


Less dark and wordy than the first film, Magic Mike XXL is sheer Joy. I just couldn’t stop smiling.  The critic next to me oddly lamented that “there is no story.” But who needs a story when you get to hang with six of the hottest and fun guys on the planet?  Who needs a complex storyline when those same sexpots end the film with almost thirty minutes of dancing and singing their asses off while taking off their clothes?  As the credits rolled, I was like a small child just wanting to “do it again”!


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