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Elevate your bone structure with Joey Healy’s High Rise. This highly pigmented, ultra creamy highlighter injects a youthful radiance that lasts all day without the use of iridescent shimmer. Its wedge wand applicator allows for seamless blending and an effortless glow. This mineral based, paraben-free formula also serves as a durable eyeshadow base. With just a few light dots, highlight the brow bone and give the entire face a subtle and healthy brilliance. A little goes a long way!

Joey wanted to create a product that would mimic an instant brow lift! His clients are always asking for products to visually raise the brow to new heights- products that look natural, are easy to use and polish their brow look. High Rise is the answer. This multi-use highlighter takes ten years off of the face.

Available in one matte shade, perfect for fair to medium rich skin tones, the neutral ivory spotlight hue works standard for all undertones.

Directions for Use: Apply High Rise just below the arch for an instant brow lift or under the eye to camouflage dark shadows.

It has never been this easy or affordable to turn back the clock!

The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection High Rise retails for $30.00.

To purchase, please visit www.joeyhealy.com.

About The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection:

The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection, a cosmetic brand dedicated solely to the art of crafting the perfect eyebrow, was created from two motivating passions: one of practicality, the other of a personal mission. Founder and CEO Joey Healy developed the brand as a way to have the ideal products to suit the specific needs of his eyebrow clientele. He created a streamlined collection of eyebrow products including the Elite Sculpting Tweezers, Luxe Brow Powders, Brow Architect Stylos, a Duo Brow Brush, Brow Structure Clear Set and Brow Renovation Serum in an all-embracing color palette with high performance standards. The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection not only simplifies the makeup routines of his existing clients, but women around the world as well.

For more information on Joey Healy or The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection please visit www.joeyhealy.com

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