Jazz Foundation Loft Party 2018 To Honor Roberta Flack

The 27th Annual Jazz Loft Party, presented by the Jazz Foundation of America, will take place at Hudson Studios, 601 West 26th St. in New York City, on Saturday, Oct. 13 at 7:00 p.m. Titled “A Night for the Soul,” the event will “honor the legendary Roberta Flack and pay tribute to blues and jazz giants,” and also welcome “legendary musicians of Puerto Rico,” according to the press announcement.

Roberta Flack is among the guests who will appear at the event, along with Valerie Simpson, the Joe Lovano Quartet, the Randy Brecker Quintet, Eddie Palmieri, and many others.

The host will be actor Danny Glover and the musical director Steve Jordan.

The event benefits musicians in need. Says the announcement: “Your support makes it possible to pay someone’s rent and keep them from eviction or homelessness when illness, accident, or old age prevents them from working. JFA’s Musician’s Emergency Fund provides housing assistance, pro bono medical care, disaster relief, and financial support to musicians and their families in times of crisis. Through Jazz and Blues in the Schools, we create purpose and dignified work that bring live music to thousands of public school kids without music programs, in 17 states across the country. Whatever the need is, we don’t just fix the problem, we become family. Because of you, JFA now assists in 9,000 cases a year, nationwide.”

That Girl At the Party

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