Get Your Art On At Muse Paint Bar



Although extremely creative, I never thought I could paint until I spent an evening with my sister bloggers and editors, at a wondeful event at the new Muse PaintBar (329 Greenwich Street) in Tribeca. The Muse PaiintBar offers guests the opportunity to paint blank canvases with either copies of provided paintings or their own original works. An instructor will guide you, stroke by stroke, from blank canvas to finished masterpiece. What could be more relaxing than painting with yummy snacks? It is a total blast. My one piece of advice is to dress down to avoid paint on your clothes. Also, it is pretty cold inside in the winter and you don’t want to wear sleeves – I got paint on my wrists and arms – so make sure to don a warm vest in the colder climes.



At the event, I decided to do my own thing and created the first painting in my series that I am calling, “Untouchable.” I can’t wait to go back and continue stoking my creative flame.



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