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For women on the go, Miamica’s trendy travel accessories are a must-have. Organizing and packing have become far more effortless and enjoyable with this line of fun and functional designs. Devra Miller, Miamica’s President, started the New York City-based company in 2000 to address the lack of fashionable and affordable female-friendly travel accessories available to travelers. Each piece is emblazoned with a witty, whimsical phrase that reflects the spirit of the Miamica brand. Miamica’s English translation is “my friend”, and every Miamica product is meant to be your trusty travel companion. In December 2013, Miller launched an infant travel accessories line, l’il traveler, featuring items such as children’s wetsuit bags and passport cases. Miamica will debut a men’s travel accessories collection, The Art of Packing, in 2014.


After graduating college, Devra resided in Puerto Rico for a decade and worked as a freelance writer and film critic for the San Juan Star newspaper. During those years, she frequently traveled off of the island to visit family. Though she searched for fashionable and affordable travel accessories geared towards female travelers, she found that the products she sought were unavailable. Her passion for traveling and accessories prompted her to start her own line of trendy travel accessories for women. Devra’s background as a writer inspired her to design her products with comical, clever sayings on them. The Miamica brand is all about spirit, wit, humor and fun.

For every travel conundrum, there’s a fashionable, functional and affordable Miamica solution. Some of Miamica’s most popular items include the Take a Chill Pill pill cases, the Upgrade Me travel blanket and pillow, the Dirty Laundry laundry bag and the File & Fly document organizer. Other popular items include: Upgrade Me luggage tags, the Bling It On! Jewelry portfolio, the Inner Beauty cosmetic case, the Plane to See Clear security case with bottles, the If The Shoe Fits… shoe bags and Bathing Beauty bathing suit bags. Travel has never been easier, more convenient or more fun than with Miamica.

Miamica products are available online at and and also at retailers throughout the country including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Kitson, Flight 001, Gracious Homes, DSW, Century 21, Bed Bath & Beyond and TJ Maxx.

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