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While wearable technology has been around for years now, the launch of the Apple Watch has the merger between fashion and technology on everyone’s lips. At this year’s New York Fashion Week, partnering with Brother and NYC’s, the Ride, Katlean Monarchy hosted Fashion Week’s first Mobile Lounge fashionxtech. The interactive showcase celebrated fashion and technology and allowed editors to get up to date with the latest developments in the area. While enjoying the views of the City, invited guests – media, influencers, stylists and celebrities – were presented with a curated selection of the most innovative products in the fashion/tech arena through a digital presentation of the leading brands on the 24 plasma screens onboard The Ride, an ultra comfortable and technologically advanced transport.



fashionxtech culminated with a closing night party at Tender Lounge with VIP guest Project Runway All Stars II Winner, Anthony Ryan Auld. Brother, as the presenting sponsor, hosted the evening, which was filled with dynamic real time Fashion/Tech brand experiences. Guests included: Aviva and Reid Drescher, Project Runway’s Joshua McKinley, Dean F. Schulman, Senior Vice President, HAD/IPD, Brother International, NEXTPERT Katlean de Monchy, Jane Pontarelli, Harry Dubin, Adele Nino, Harry Edelson, yours truly and a coterie of Fashion Week’s most promising new models and more of New York’s most forward-trending individuals.

The products presented included:

Brother Dream Machine: The latest 2015 Dream Machine from Brother – the exclusive sewing machine company of Project Runway and its spinoffs –which has a 10 inch HD LCD screen and a built-in design center, as well as, video tutorials. But what’s truly remarkable about the truly dreamy machine is its camera-like device called the “Innov-Eye” that can scan what users are trying to create and, either show them how to sew it, or embroider it right on the screen. This gorgeous must-have was named a Consumer Digests Best Buy. For anyone serious about creating fashion, $14,000 for a machine, like this, really is a Best Buy.

www.brother-usa.com #BrotherSews @BrotherOffice #fashionxtech



Phorus Speakers: Music adds life to any event, to any space and to nearly every moment of Fashion Week. The perfect soundtrack brings a story to life on the runway and the perfect song sets the mood at the after-parties. The PR5 Speaker allows the user to do something that used to only be possible for a very few: enjoy streaming music throughout their homes – using existing wi-fi – all thanks to DTS Play-Fi technology. But it’s not just the music you own that you can listen to… it’s popular streaming music services like Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM and Songza. Phorus’ sleek black PR5 receiver even turns your current stereo system into a modern, wireless music-streaming machine. This is a must-have for any music lover.

www.phorus.com #Phorus #PlayFi @phorusaudio #fashionxtech

Oku: Just as fashion exists to help women improve their appearance, so does the new tool called the Oku, the world’s first personal skin coach. It is able to look under the surface of the skin through an iPhone-connected sensor that utilizes a special light to examine your skin challenges. It can detect if your skin needs moisture, pigment correction, wrinkle relief and all sorts of other problems. Plus the companion app gives you advice on how to treat your skin to have maximum skin health — and the best possible skin appearance. Oku is slated to ship Spring 2015 with an Android version coming soon. We are living for this device!

http://getoku.com @get_OKU #fashionxtech

MyCharge: Can’t live without being connected? In this wired world losing power is truly out of fashion. Putting the personal in personal chargers, MyCharge caters to those of us who are obsessed with checking our phones 110 times a day (the average not the extreme). Not to mention the not so smart smartphone users, who find their batteries dead and gone by 4:00 p.m. That’s apparently 77% of us. Texting, talking, playing games, MyCharge seeks to sustain us in style and keep us in charge!

http://www.mycharge.com/ @mychargepower #fashionxtech

Snowman: This fashionable brand thrives to portray New York City culture and happenings with every collection. Always ahead of trend, their sleek, slim coats are bold new takes on the puffer. Functional yet unique, fashion-forward without sacrificing comfort, Snowman creates the ultimate winter-weather fashion statement, which was just what we needed to get us through this tough winter! On the outside, the style has a techno edge with a slim cut fit to enhance the waist while the 600 outdoor grade fill-power keeps the warmth in.

www.snowmannewyork.com @snowmannewyork #fashionxtech

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