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eBay just announced “Hot Deals for Hot Days,” a new experience that gives shoppers amazing deals on must-have items tied to the weather: the hotter the temperatures, the hotter the deals. Beginning the Fourth of July, eBay will offer designer sunglasses at a discount that mirrors the high temperature of the day – if it’s 85 degrees in New York City, shoppers will get 85 percent off their new sunglasses.

Timed for the Fourth of July, summer’s biggest holiday, shoppers are invited to visit eBay’s “Hot Deals for Hot Days” Airstream to browse and buy new Ray-Bans and Michael Kors sunglasses. The eBay Deals Airstream will make its debut in the Hamptons on July 4 and then travel to New York City for July 7 and 8.

Regardless of where you’re soaking up the sun, shoppers across the country can visit eBay’s curated summer sale at online or on-the-go with eBay’s mobile app for amazing deals on this season’s must-have items like GoPro Action cameras, Cuisinart Compact grills, Dooney & Bourke totes and Dior and Gucci sunglasses.  I will definitely be on the bus on the 7th!

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