TGATP Playlist

Foxy Shazam Opens With A Bang for Slash at Hammerstein Ballroom

Last night, TGATP got to experience the wacky raucous Foxy Shazam opening for Slash at Hammerstein Ballroom! Lead singer Eric Nally brought all kinds of hilarious, raunchy filth to the proceedings channeling everyone from Elvis to Lenny Bruce to Donald Duck. And Alex Nauth, Foxy Shazam’s second front man, a hottie backup singer/horn player/gyrating sex machine of a dancer was an example of a rock boy at its glorious sexy best! Oh and the music was great too!

Jamie McLean = Music for Kegels

TGATP has been a fan of Jamie McLean‘s since first seeing him perform at the Esquire House in the fall of 2009.  I call his songs “music for kegels” as he is…