New Avon NutraEffects Harnesses Seed Power

A seed is one of nature’s most powerful creations; it’s the source of life itself.

Avon NutraEffects has harnessed this power into its breakthrough Active Seed Complex.  The complex is made with Chia Seeds which are used as the hydrating base ingredient across all of the products within the range. The powerful hydration quality comes from the blend of Chia Seeds which can hold up to 12x their weight in water and are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. In addition to this, each NutraEffects formula is then blended with other nutrient rich seeds and skin loving antioxidants to target one of four skin care needs: hydration, balance, radiance, and signs of aging.  The combinations deliver healthier, more beautiful skin from day one. All products are suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, and paraben- and dye-free. The collection includes:

• Avon NutraEffects Active Seed Complex Hydration Daily Cream SPF15 and Gel Night Cream ($18.00 each)

Formulated with the antioxidant-packed Chia Seed, which is one of nature’s superfoods and known for its ability to hold moisture, these deeply hydrating creams improve texture and provide 48-hour hydration to soften dry, rough skin. Designed for dry to normal skin.
• Avon NutraEffects Active Seed Complex Balance Daily Cream SPF15 and Gel Night Cream ($18.00 each)
Made with a formulation of Chia Seed and specialized mattifying powders working together to reduce oil, minimize the appearance of pores, and help keep skin balanced and shine-free. Designed for combination to oily skin.
Key Ingredient: Chia Seed and Mattifying Powders
Key Benefit: Balance
Key Result: Dramatically reduces the appearance of pores*
Avon NutraEffects Active Seed Complex Radiance Day Cream SPF20 and Night Cream ($18.00 each)
Designed to rejuvenate dull skin, even out skin tone, and restore the complexion’s natural glow, these radiance-boosting creams are formulated with Birds of Paradise Seed, an ingredient known for its ability to brighten and reduce the look of pigmentation.
Key Ingredient: Birds of Paradise Seed
Key Benefit: Radiance
Key Result: Reduces the appearance of discoloration**
Avon NutraEffects Active Seed Complex Ageless Multi-Action Day Cream SPF20, Night Cream, and Eye Cream ($18.00 each)
These anti-aging products are all fortified with pomegranate extract, which is known for its powerful age-defying properties and packed with vitamins and antioxidants. All three creams firm skin, nourish the complexion, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Key Ingredient: Pomegranate Extract
Key Benefit: Combats signs of aging
Key Results: Skin looks and feels younger; youthful fullness is restored**
Visibly diminishes the look of crow’s feet (eye cream)**
WHERE TO BUY: Available exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative, call 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit
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