Stop and Catch A Breath at The Ava Penthouse Fashion Week Lounge

Stop by the Ava Penthouse Lounge  at The Dream Hotel in Midtown for a welcome respite from the FW frenzy.  Owned by Ric Addison, the  Ava penthouse has become a popular NYC Fashion Week hang, with its close proximity to Lincoln Center.  For this Fashion Week, Ava will be offering a special Model Drink Menu, The Ramy Pop Up Beauty Therapy Bar and Fashion Bloggers Lounge with free wi-fi and soft drinks and desk space.  (Bloggers should contact Ava prior for access with PRESS ID).

The fashion themed drink menu includes:

Since Kate’s favorite drink is reportedly a Cosmo, the Kate Moss Cosmo is her representative cocktail and is based on the strong grapefruit note in her perfume.

With a comic nod to Naomi’s blood diamond scandal, Naomi’s Blood Diamond is refreshing yet tart just like the “lady” herself.

Using Cachaca, a smoky Brazilian rum, the Bundchen Brisk is based on Giselle’s Brazilian background.   But the addition of prosecco, makes it tart and sexy, as well.

The Christy T(ea) is a simple play on words.  It’s their version of a spiked raspberry Arnold Palmer.

And then the Elderflower Evangelista, like Linda’s constantly changing hair color, is complex, sweet, and  bizarre.

Starting Thursday, September 6th through September 13th from 7PM-9PM  beauty guru Ramy will set up “Beauty Therapy Bar” in the back VIP room, where you will be able to sample (and take home samples) of his latest products, that are sure to make you look your best, for your fabulous week of fashion nights out!  (TGATP is too happy that there is so much free eye brow shaping available this FW,  ’cause I am waay overdue on that service.)

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