#AmandaSelwyn Dance Wows With #Renewal


That Girl At The Party was very blessed to attend the Amanda Selwyn Gala perofrmance of Renewal, a wondrous achievement in dance.  The piece was an evening-length work that unpacked the state of being made new, fresh, or strong again – and dramatized how we re-invent ourselves again and again over time.  

Composed of a series of shorts, Renewal shifted the physical and visceral present movement, re-starting, reclaiming, and revitalizing our experience of it.  Each short highlighted signature structures and elements in Selwyn’s style including gesture, partnering, virtuosic artistry juxtaposed with pedestrian movement, humor, character, and theatricality.  With Selwyn’s fresh and vibrant movement language of extended limbs, physical risk, athleticism, energy, release, touch, and balance, she activated emotional expression and offered many in-roads for audiences to make meaning for themselves.


Breathtaking and moving, this is now one of my favorite performances of all time and I look forward to following this troupe in the future.

That Girl At the Party

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