6 DIY Date-Night Hairstyles Tips and Tricks

Got plans for the weekend? A dinner date for two, a walk in the park, or just a chill night with friends? Whatever it is, make sure to put your best foot forward. Aside from power dressing, killer heels, stunning makeup, and an interesting personality, you can make a good impression with a well-done hairstyle that looks effortlessly done at the last minute.

A beautiful hair gives you that extra boost to make you feel more confident about yourselves. Although you know that inner beauty is the key to being confidently beautiful, you also know that a pleasing appearance is not just about looking good in front of others. Most importantly, it’s feeling good about yourself, a way of showing self-love.

So whether it is the first date with that guy next door or having an anniversary dinner with longtime bae, go prep that hair for a night to remember. Here are some easy date-night hairstyles that are worth trying on your next big night.

Blow-Dry and Iron for a Sleek and Straight Look

Celebrity hairstylist Tommy Bucket refers to this as the first-date hair.” Letting down that shiny hair in a straight and sleek style creates a “polished yet not trying hard to impress someone” look.

To achieve this style, blow-dry the hair while using a paddle brush, apply some hair serum to make your tresses smooth and straight. Finish it off with a flat iron to make it look shinier. Pro tip: use an anti-frizz serum so you can casually run those fingers through the hair while having a playful conversation with your date.

Clip-in Hair Extensions for Those Romantic, Loose Waves

There’s something about loose, beach-wavy hair that instantly attracts attention, especially among men. It’s like an effortless yet sexy mess on top of the head, and it will make every neck turn.

Do this sexy, make-out hair by blow-drying while using a round brush. Set in the hair with hot rollers or curling iron, and top it off with clip-in hair extensions to add more volume to those playful locks. This kind of hair extension is easy to apply and is definitely not damaging to the hair. It’s also easily accessible as you can buy it online.

Use Elastics for a Slightly Messy Ponytail

If it is an elegant dinner date in a fancy restaurant, get that hair into a messy but sexy ponytail that looks posh yet still a little flirty. Get this look by dampening the hair, brushing it into a high ponytail, and creating a bun on top. Let it dry by itself for about 45 minutes to an hour, and release the bun to let those stunning waves loose.

The secret to making this gorgeous ponytail is using a transparent elastic on the pony. You can also get a thin strand of hair, wrap it around the pony, and secure it with a bobby pin.

Take Out the Curlers for That Side-Swept Hair

This hairstyle is perfect for ladies who want to maintain a sweet look but also want to show off a little bit of skin on the shoulder, clavicle, or neckline. This favorite red-carpet look is effortless to do but should be done with precision.

Start by putting hair-volumizing products when the hair is still wet. Blow-dry the hair while using a broad brush, and use the curler size of choice. Once the curls are set, work on the side sweep by gathering hair from the ear and bringing it to the right side. Use setting spray or bobby pins to hold the hair at the back and keep the side-swept all night.

Flex Your Skills in Braided Headbands


This look is perfect for a movie-date night that will eventually lead to a romantic dinner. A braided headband is an excellent way to emphasize that beautiful face while showing off the length of hair, achieving a “woke up like this” look.

Begin with sectioning the hair. Gather the portion to braid, and put the others into a temporary ponytail. Start braiding from the left, going to the right side.

Once it is all braided down to the tail, secure it with an elastic band. Next, let go of the temporary ponytail, and secure the end of the braid underneath the loose hair. Curl the rest of the hair for a more charming look.

Bobby Pins for a Half-Up, Half-Down Style

This is probably the best “meet the parents” hairstyle that will be adored by future in-laws. Achieve this low-key, elegant look by combing the hair backward to create volume. Gather half of the hair at the back, and use bobby pins to secure the knot. Don’t mind the falling strands as they add a little sexy touch to this look.

The Takeaway

Whether you want to pull off a romantic, minimalist, mysterious, or flirty look, these DIY hairstyles will save a few dollars from having your hair done at the salon.

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