5 Summer Hair Tips From Keisha Farrell of #ShicBySoketah



Although we are a major city, New York is in drastic need of more great hair salons for women with thick curly hair.  Thus, I was so happy to be asked to review Shic by Soketah, an elegant spot in Brooklyn that offers top notch hair styling and luxorious mani/pedis.  This is my new salon of choice and I will be featuring them in a series of posts.

First up, some tips for summer hair from That Girl At The Party‘s new stylist, Keisha:

Ladies, a stylish yet healthy do is the best way to turn heads! But the summer can bring added challenges to naturally curly hair and many women either over process and/or overuse their flat irons and blow dryers during this time.  When it comes to styling, avoid adding any more heat or strain on hair follicles than you have to. I repeat, step away from the flat iron and other heated tools!  You can still rock creative styles this summer; just keep the health and protection of your hair, first and foremost, during these sweltering months. 


· DON’T blow dry hair on high temps directly after washing it.

· DO try sectioning and air drying hair first to minimize heat.

· DON’T leave hair exposed to the beaming sun.

· DO use accessories, like hats and scarves, to protect the hair from those unforgiving beams. Work some fun colors into your wardrobe with wide brimmed hats, turbans, and linen scarves.

·Because the hair can become dry and brittle, you want to prevent breakage or strain.  

DON’T use tight hair ties or clips that snag and break hair.

· DO use simple tricks like substituting bobby pins to make your buns instead of hair ties. Secure loose curls or, French braids, with bobby pins and grip safe clips.


That Girl At the Party

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