Traveling The World: 4 Things You Need To Know


As you prepare to travel the world for the first time or one of the first times, there are a series of tips that you will absolutely need to know.

Here are four things you need to know for traveling the world:

1 – Get Your Documents Ready To Go

There are a number of documents that you will need to make sure are in order before you leave, from your passport to your birth certificate to your driver’s license to any required Visas. Have copies of each of these and make sure each are up-to-date. With your passport in particular, you’ll need to confirm that it is valid for at least another six months, or else you may be denied entry into a particular country because in the event that you are detained for whatever reason, they will want to make sure that it’s legal for you to leave.



2 – Have A Payment System In Place

There are a number of methods that you can use to pay for items while traveling overseas. Your primary options include a bank wire transfer, which is secure but also slow and expensive, a credit card (and preferably one with little to no foreign transaction fees), or using a remittance service, which allows you to trade US dollars for cash in virtually any other currency you can think of.



3 – You Can Speed Up Wait Times At Security Checkpoints

By signing up either for Global Entry or a TSA PreCheck, you can greatly increase the amount of time that you save at airports. TSA PreCheck costs just $85 for five years, and allows you to get through domestic airport security without having to go through the long line and remove your shoes, belt, and computers. Global Entry costs $100 for a five year membership, as well, and also offers you faster screening at airports, in addition to, expedited United States customs screenings through an automated airport kiosk as long as you are arriving from an international country.



4 – You Can Make Money While Traveling

Traveling the world means you’re leaving a lot behind, including possibly your primary source of income (a.k.a your job). But what if you could bring your work with you, or at least what if you could make money while you travel? At the very least, this would most likely extend the amount of time you could spend traveling and exploring. Try using freelancing websites such as Upwork where you can find online work from programming to video editing and production to translation to writing to web development. Really, the possibilities for online freelancing work are endless and all you’ll need is a computer and wi-fi connection.

There are many more tips out there that you would need to know for traveling the world as well, but these four are good to get you started.

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