#TheMoms Mamarazzi Event With Molly Sims


I am a HUGE #MollySims fan, having interviewed her back in 2010 when she launched her now defunct jewelry line, GraycebyMollySims. (Check that interview out here.)  Molly is always a complete inspiration and a real breath of Southern-bred fresh air!  Back then, she was single and just coming off a breakup with a younger man.  So I am so thrilled to hear she found a great guy, married him and is now the proud Mama of three-year old Brooks, with a baby girl on the way.  The wonderful thing about Molly is that even though almost five years have passed and both of our Lives have changed in oh-so-many ways, she is still the same wonderous gal!  Can you tell I’m a fan?



 Thus, it was a great honor to attend the Mamarazzi® Event with Molly Sims at Artisanal Fromagerie Bistro, which was hosted by Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein of #THEMOMS , in conjunction with BigBelli Co and Lyve. The event brought together influential moms and media, and celebrated Molly’s new book, The Everyday Supermodel, as well as, the new documentary for moms-to-be, 40 Weeks by Big Belli.



Held at legendary French bistro Artisanal Fromagerie’s, guests were treated to a variety of delicious bites from the lunch menu of sandwiches and desserts.  (The caramel cheesecake helped wreck my diet for yet another day!)

After lunch, Molly answered questions from the Moms, Dominique Debroux of Big Belli and the guests about everything from fashion to fitness and diet to lifestyle and body image – all topics covered in her book.  Sims told the audience how she made the decision to transform her body and image years ago and that she’s now a believer that you can “be anybody you want to be”. She told the captive audience “I worked my ass off!  I was 20lbs overweight, brown hair…(this drew titters and giggles from the panel and the audience since Melissa of The Moms has brown hair!)  I didn’t look like this when I was 19!  We’re all self-made women; it takes work”.

You go, Girl! 

That Girl At the Party

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