PureCode Bodycare Reflexology Mats Are A Must-Have

This year was the 100th year of the International Beauty Show (IBS) and, as usual, it was a wonderful time for all of us beauty junkies! Combined with the International Esthetics Cosmetics & Spa Conference (IECSC), there were hundreds of great brands and products. So over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting my favorites. First up, the Pure Code Bodycare products.

The Pure Code Reflexology Mats is heaven on earth. I was gifted with one at the show yesterday and have been on it three times already! Designed to provide reflexology to all the major vital organs of the body, it immediately revitalizes your body and spirit. I have been fighting a flu for almost a month and feel better each time I use it. The mat has multiple health benefits. It:

  1. Removes toxins to support healthy and flexible feet
  2. Stimulates blood circulation and adjusts the function of entrails 
  3. Strengthens overall immunity, relaxes nerve aches and eases tired muscles
  4. Stimulates reflex zones to boost metabolism, clear the meridians, qi and blood
  5. Adjusts visceral function and enhances immunity

Pure Code also makes a hosts of other must-have beauty items including moisturizing gloves and socks. I love their innovative moisturizing elbow covers and neck wraps, which are for areas that we often overlook.

The mats will be available in stores and online this summer.

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