Spoonk Organic Hemp Combo Acupressure Mat


The amazing Spoonk acupressure mat is produced with the highest environmental criteria in mind and the mats are made with all natural materials.

Spoonk mats are filled with a USA-made, high quality, CertiPur-US ECO-foam, free from fire retardant chemicals. The stimulation points are made from a recyclable, non-toxic ABS plastic, and hypo allergenic stimulation points are made with hemp plastic, free of styrene.


I have mentioned this product before because I simply cannot live without my Spoonk! I use it as often as I can.  According to their website, “The Spoonk™ Mat was born out of compassion for people who experience a lack of deep sleep, tension and muscular pain, or stress and anxiety. We believe that taking the time to relax on a daily basis will contribute to a better quality of life, prevent stress related diseases, and a happier and more relaxed you.” 

I can attest to how much this amazing mat attributes to more relaxation!

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