FIIL Canviis Headphones


Art meets sound with CANVIIS wireless on-ear headphones. Engineered to provide amazing performance out of the box, CANVIIS also has multiple sound-field options, including noise cancellation, so you choose what you want to hear and block everything that you don’t. And with FIIL’s APP you can tweak the sound to be exactly how you like it, no matter what you’re listening to or where you are. CANVIIS is the ideal headphone complement when you want features and technology inside a headphone that matches your style.


Features + Benefits

  • Noise cancellation, Monitor, Wind and Open My Audio Filter (MAF) ambient filters that enable you to choose how and what you hear
  • Hi-Res Audio certified with accurate playback of every note and every song
  • Earcup touch control for phone-free song, sound and call management
  • Auto play/pause when you remove the headphones from your head
  • Up to 33 hours of continuous play between charges + optional wired cable
  • Wireless voice call technology
  • FIIL + APP lets you customize your sound experience and optimize your headphone to your exacting specifications
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