Kanye Gives Kim A Hideous Birkin For Christmas


I can sympathize with Kim K as she tries to hide the fact that the present, from her man-of-the-moment/fiancee Kanye West, is just hideous! Hopefully, this ugly gift and fashion faux pas which looks like a monster-obsessed eight-year old painted it, was just one of dozens of more suitable ones. Otherwise, that relationship is doomed!

I have rarely had straight guys give me a good gift. One year, this truly tack headed guy I was dating, actually gave me purple fur-lined handcuffs wrapped in some grotesque “Santa getting it on with Mrs. Santa” paper! While that could’ve been the joke gift, he proudly presented it as the main gift attraction! Imagine the horror, as each relative asked what he gave me for Christmas! ┬áNeedless to say, I pushed the eject button on his sorry ass, the day after New Year’s!

That Girl At the Party

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