Duluth Trading Company Launches The Workday Warrior

Midwest lifestyle brand, Duluth Trading Co., debuted their first ever work-smart womenswear label, The Workday Warrior, through a fun, immersive event in NYC. Guests arriving at the rustic Blue Gallery were met by the Duluth Trading Company’s, women ambassadors from all across the U.S., who led us in a series of immersive workshops. Each demonstrated their own crafts and the everyday style that comes with it.

After partaking in the workshops, we were also blessed to have the opportunity to shop the collection. Our new wardrobe staples will enable us to become Workday Warriors ourselves. Below, dear TGATP readers, read on to find more details on the individual activations within the event, specific elements of the new collection and here’s a link to the microsite should you be interested in shopping the collection yourself.

Product Walkthrough with Stephanie Okada

Product developer, Stephanie Okada, chatted with us about her inspiration behind the collection and offered an exclusive look at the line. Stephanie brought the collection to life and shared the aspects that made her a “workday warrior”. She also gave insights into how the pieces can be incorporated into any woman’s wardrobe.

Growing Medicinal Herbs with Rachel Grigorian

Vermont-based landscape architect, Rachel Grigorian, held a tasting class consisting of modern medicinal herbs. We learned which herbs to grow, how to use them and their individual benefits. Guests were able to create custom herb-infused honey jars and taste one-of-a-kind butter and tea creations and take away tips on how to make each treat in our own kitchens.

Woodshop Class with Tami Gamble-Gurnell

Texas Educator, craftswoman and woodshop expert, Tami Gamble-Gurnell, demonstrated a woodshop class on crafting her soon-to-be new favorite iPhone accessory. Attendees laughed with her as she encouraged us to escape our comfort zones and use various power tools to create our very own stands.

Abstract Art Demo with Lanecia

Texan artist and creator, Lanecia Rouse, led a class on the art of abstract painting, collage mixed media and kintsugi pottery. Using a hammer, we rebuilt tiles to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of art using glue and paint.

About the Workday Warrior Collection:

Designed to master the workday for the modern professional woman, the Workday Warrior collection consists of mix and match outfits to outlast the longest of days. The Workday Warrior line is the first ever work-smart womenswear collection that has been created to master the workday for the professional lady on the go. Key pieces such as the Down Right Tunic Vest and the Ponte Pro Dress bring functionality and style to everyday life for women in any profession. Custom looks can be found online at the Duluth Trading Co. website to show how each piece can be dressed for different environments.

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