TGATP Holiday Wishes

Happy Mother’s Day!

For me, every day was Mother’s Day, since I was lucky enough to have a Mom that adored her kids and was my best friend, as well. Today I salute all the Mother’s who are as wonderful as mine and wish all That Girl At The Party readers a very blessed and Happy Mother’s Day!

Twerk Your Turkey!

Thank God, we found both the Miley gif and the Logo TV “Twerk Your Turkey” diddy on You Tube AFTER we ate the last of our Thanksgiving turkey! They’re both pretty darn gross but did crack us up!

Beyond Counting Blessings Being Truly Thankful by Madisyn Taylor

As we get ready for Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season, I was happy to receive this wonderful article from one of my favorite sites, the Daily Om. The Daily Om offers the best daily horoscopes, tons of great courses, and loads of great products – perfect for all the spiritual people on your holiday list. Here is a reprint of an article on giving thanks from Madisyn Taylor.

Happy Mother’s Day!

This is a reprint of a post I did in 2010, the year before my beloved Mom, Naomi died suddenly and without warning. I have been in too much pain from her loss to post the last two Mother’s Day and was going to do a new post or change this one for this year. But I feel that this is a more fitting tribute to her as it speaks to how I felt about her while she was alive and still do today.