Best of NY Fashion Week Fall 2011: The Lounges

FashionWeek is always a NY gal’s dream – the shows, the parties, the passion for fashion – we literally go to Heaven twice a year!  This year’s Fall Fashion Week was extra special with a ton of fun and innovative lounges, designed to showcase products and services to fashionistas and trendsetters, alike.  TGATP was pampered all over town!   Here is the skinny on the lounges we made it to:

1. The Daily Lounge at Townhouse Spa (56th St, b/tw 5th and 6th) – An awesome two days of pampering with full facials, massages, mani/pedis, makeup applications, and hair styling.  I went on the second day and had the full shebang!  Rachel gave me a stimulating deep tissue massage and Joey does the best facial in town!  During my facial, I literally had an out-of-body experience.  I highly recommend the Townhouse Spa and will definitely go back!  Guests were sent home with the latest line of stockings from Hanes, the new Paul Mitchell Awapuchi shampoo and keratin treatment, and all the products from the Beauty Addicts makeup application.

2.  The Lookbook Blogger Lounge (208 West 30th b/t 7th & 8th) – Right across the street from the reportedly dreadful Robert Verdi Lounge (read that full story below), this lounge was tons of fun with all day cupcakes, Pop Chips, and champagne for guests.  Held in the headquarters of, this lounge was like a great house party complete with half naked quests!  Spa services included spray tans from B Bronz, and manicures, mini-massages, and eyebrow waxing (although I still prefer threading) from Merge Spa.  Olga was another amazing massage therapist, who made everyone laugh while she got our bodies realigned.  I would love to check her out for a full massage!

3. Fashion Delivers Lounge (The Empire Hotel) – The Fashion Delivers Lounge was a fun blast that took place in the storefront of the Empire Hotel and offered all day cocktails, full body spray tanning from Suvara, and  hair styling with Moroccanoil products from Ricardo Rojas. Open for the entire Fashion Week and located just steps from Lincoln Center, it was a fun place to nip in and catch up with friends and the wonderful staff between.  They, unfortunately, introduced me to a new diet vice, the Baked by Melissa Coconut Cupcake!

5.  Derek Loves Shopping/It Gets Better Lounge (The Empire Hotel) – I love Derek as much as he loves shopping!  Always a great host, his lounge was a happening party with the wonderful staff of the Senses Salon (138 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Fl.) on hand to do spray tanning, makeup, nails, and hair styling.  No one has ever done my makeup better than Lysette Drumgold, who sent everyone home looking like a camera ready, superstar!  She is my makeup lady of choice and even has her own product line!

4. The Ninetendo 3DS Lounge (The Empire Hotel) – Offering a sneak peek at the new Nintendo 3DS, this lounge rocked!  I was thrust back to childhood demoing all of the awesome new games.  The 3DS tops my list for must have gadgets this year and I know that I will spend hours on Steel Diver and Nintendogs and Cats.  The ladies from Benefit Cosmetics were also on hand to showcase the line through makeup applications.  Guests were also offered massages and manicures from TGATP favorite, Spa Chicks.  The only thing I would have done differently with this lounge was since there was security on the door and all of the guests had to have appointments, everyone should have been sent home with the gift bag, which included a magic ticket to redeem for the 3DS when it comes out on March 27th!  Look for my full review on this awesome console in the next couple weeks!

5. Philip Bloch Lounge (The Empire Hotel)Philip is another, always fabulous, host and I hope to have him on board for a future TGATP event.  His lounge in the Empire was a fun drop in with cocktails, a DJ, and hats from New Era and jeans !  I scored a really cool Yankee cap and a couple Fedoras that Philip suggested.  Later after he was gifted with some jeans, I overheard an incredulous Daniel Flaherty of MTV‘s Skins, who is new to the fame game, being schooled in the concept of freebies by his handlers.  As the Skins audience is the most coveted demographic for most brands, I am sure it is notion that he will catch onto pretty quickly!

6. Spanx Lounge (The Empire Hotel) – It always a pleasure to see Maggie, Callie and all the gals from Spanx and there always seems to be a hilarious employee named “Alyson” in their midst.  Had a laugh riot with the new Alyson on their staff, who took me through all their new products, including my favorite butt lifting items!  Will be reviewing those in future posts.

7. Lia Sophia Lounge (The Empire Hotel)Lia Sophia showcased Industrielle, their latest red carpet line which is described on their site as “a fusion of utilitarian, futurism, and fantasy with a Neo Victorian touch.”   TGATP sums it up in three words:  gorgeous modern bling!  I LOVE Lia Sophia and accessorize with both their regular line and the higher end Red Carpet line, almost daily.  Last season, guests were kitted out with an array of jewels.  But this time, each guest was allowed just one piece unless you were uber special, like Sex and the City star Mario Cantone, who chose a couple pairs of earrings for his sister.  It was a very difficult choice.  But I picked the Beveled Earrings in Silver and White Crystal, which are perfect for a black tie event. 

8. The Robert Verdi Lux Lounge – As usual, the Robert Verdi Lounge was on everyone’s lips because of the snitty staff/interns assigned to handle the rsvps and the door!  Mr. Verdi himself is a real sweetheart.  But he has surrounded himself with a pack of very mean young girls, who are totally oblivious to proper PR protocol.  Back in November, I spoke to him about the unfortunate situation with his previous lounge but seemingly the situation has not changed a lick.  Tons of fellow journalists and bloggers relayed that, despite getting in, they were treated shabbily and the vibe was unwelcoming.  Some people were rsvp’d but told that the lounge was too crowded, even when it wasn’t, so they weren’t allowed in.  Others had to jump through ridiculous hoops for gift bags.  With so many shows and lounges in so few days, TGATP couldn’t be bothered once the bad notices came in.  Hopefully, Robert will get a handle on his staffing situation by the Fall, as it makes no sense for sponsors to continue to participate in a lounge, that leaves folks with a sour taste in their mouths.  The Verdi Lounge has become a Fashion Week buzz kill!

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