How to Accessorize Your Work Christmas Party Outfit

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Many offices choose to celebrate the holiday season by hosting a Christmas work party. It’s an opportunity to relax, have fun with co-workers, and celebrate a year of success. Of course, it’s also an opportunity to look festive and stylish by choosing the perfect accessories to go with your party outfit. If you feel like your outfit needs “something” but aren’t sure where to begin, then here are some tips to work with.

Dazzle with Diamonds
If you want to really dazzle them and make your outfit pop and sparkle, then there is no better accessory than Ascot Diamonds. Diamonds are always in style and can work with any outfit. They are able to elevate a casual dress to something more sophisticated, and they are able to stand up to the most formal of outfits. They match any color and are timeless, so they can be worn by all ages. Diamonds work particularly well for parties, as they are able to capture the low lighting and reflect it, giving the illusion that you are actually sparkling. Opt for simple diamond stud or drop earrings, a diamond encrusted bracelet, or a necklace with diamonds in it.

Add Red for the Holidays
Here’s a stylish and fun way to accessorize your outfit that works best if you are opting for a simple black dress or trousers. Add a splash of red for interest. This can be done through a fabulous pair of shoes, your jewelry, or even the purse that you are carrying. The item will stand out as the focal piece and really create a fun look.

Invest in a Statement Brooch
When it comes to jewelry we usually reach for necklaces and earrings, but brooches are quickly becoming the “in” accessory to have. Christmas always sees a selection of beautiful brooches ranging from antique and vintage looks, to modern sparkling sensations, and even whimsical Christmas themed ones. We suggest sticking with the vintage brooch, as these are the trendy ones at the moment. Just be sure you place it in a spot where it stands out, and isn’t in competition with patterns and prints.

You’re ready to Celebrate
With just a little planning your outfit will be ready to go so you can enjoy the work party while looking festive, trendy, and spectacular.

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