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Marimekko X Uniqlo Is The Ultimate Collaboration

I live for Uniqlo’s comfy but mega-stylish clothes, especially the designer collaborations.  My very favorite is the Marimekko collaboration. I have to have one or two of these pieces with each new line and now have a lovely collection of Marimekko x Uniqlo pieces.

I Love Marimekko X Uniqlo

Just in time for Black Friday, Marimekko is dropping its latest collaboration for Uniglo. Being a longtime fan of everything Marimekko and an avid Uniglo shopper this is a dream come true for me!  From babies to adults, there is something for everyone of every shape and size. 

Marimekko For Uniqlo Is Simply Adorable

I have long been a fan of Marimekko, the cheery Finnish brand best known for its colorful and bold prints. Thus, this year’s Easter outfit is a dress from their extremely affordably Uniqlo…