Who is TGATP?



Launched in 2009, That Girl At the Party (TGATP) is the first authentic online lifestyle magazine in NYC. The brainchild of Lifestyle Writer/Web Entrepreneur, Courtney Henley. TGATP is a multimedia guide for living the finest and most relaxing Life possible. Over the course of our seven years in existence, we have covered hundreds of products, events and destinations.

Reflecting Courtney’s diverse taste and wide interests, TGATP is designed to keep readers up-to-date through lifestyle features on must-have products and destinations. We cover seven categories – beauty, fashion, travel, home, food, entertainment and tech. We also cover key NYC events. Courtney’s posts expose readers to the fun, the exciting, the weird, the empowering and the noble.

In 2016, TGATP is launching the TGATP Business School, featuring how-to articles and interviews with industry leaders and business game changers, as well as, reviews of products and services for entrepreneurial women.

In addition, in keeping with her activist side, TGATP places an emphasis on helping readers find ways to give back to the community through a spotlight on charitable organizations.

Distinguishing ourselves from sites that TGATP that simply review products, we also look to partner with brands to help them promote the products we love through social media and event partnerships. TGATP has a distinctive voice and an artistic photographic eye. Whether through a short blurb or a full article, readers are offered an entertaining and informative read accompanied by beautiful photo galleries that offer a true first-hand analysis of the best of the best.

TGATP Speak Easy, a bi-monthly Op-Ed offering Courtney’s hilarious take on the hot topics on everyone’s lips will also launch in Fall 2016.

In 2010, TGATP expanded into event production and held the “I Survived Fashion Week” party sponsored by electronics giant, Logitech. Since then, TGATP has partnered with a number of brands and hot NY venues for events.

Our motto is “All The Life Its Fit To Live” because Courtney feels that people should seek to recognize the Joy in the everyday aspects of their Lives. So if you don’t read about it here, it probably isn’t worth its weight.


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