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Just like Jeremy, we couldn’t wait to see what was in the box!  Last night at Radio City Hall, Samsung  set the world on fire last night with the unveiling of the most incredible smartphone in the world, the Galaxy S4 due to hit stores this April!  On their three previous outings, Samsung pulled out all stops with a February 2012 Fashion Week party for the Galaxy Note that treated the influencers in attendance to a customized app, fashion sketches (I use mine as my avatar!), and a cookie and candy bar.  Four months later, they threw an all day party and demo for the Galaxy S3 that featured basketball legend Walt Frazier and, then Phoenix Suns current LA Lakers player, Steve Nash.  Then this past October, the Samsung crew was back to regale us with the awesome TGATP phone of choice, the Galaxy Note II and a concert by Kanye West.  So we were very excited to attend last night’s unveiling.  While not as splashy as the last launches – (for example, this was the first time guests did not leave with the phones) – it was great to be one of the first to see and play with the incredible Galaxy S4 future of smartphones.

TGATP expects the Samsung Galaxy S4 to give the inferior Apple iPhone a further run for its money!

The new features include:

1. Faster processor – 1.6GHz 8-core Exynos processor running on Jellybean

2. Larger full HD screen – The Galaxy S3 has a wondrous 4.8″ screen and the S4 goes even bigger with a 5″ HD Amoled Screen and shoots full HD video.

3.  A stunning pixel display screen – Apple has cause for concern.  After the introduction of the new Apple Retina Display this past Fall, Samsung and other companies were fast at work to best it.  And Samsung has created the best mobile screen on the market for the S4 with 1920 x 1080p.  That’s over 441 pixels per inch compared to Apple’s 351.

4.  Shatterproof screen – And speaking of screens, I shake my head every time I see people with their busted up iPhone screens!  Honestly, what was Apple thinking?  The entire Galaxy series comes with Gorilla Glass 2, which is shatterproof and scratch proof.  I have converted dozens of people to the Galaxy S3 and the Note II on this feature alone.


4.  WiFi connectvity and 4G – 4G is a given on all new phones at this point, the S4 has both 3G and 4G LTE.

5.  Air Gestures and Air View –  Air Gestures permits you to scroll various features with the wave of your hand, while Air View allows you to hover over your screen without touching it for different menu items.  There is a hover feature on my Note II but you need a stylus.  The new Air View allows you to use your FINGER to open email and calendar entries.

6.  An unparalleled camera with tons of features – I live for both the Galaxy S3 and the Note II.  But the one thing I have often wished for is a better camera in the S3, especially when using the zoom.  So the 13 megapixel camera for the S4 is a welcome improvement.  In addition, there are tons of awesome camera features including:

  • Dual Camera – takes a picture with the front facing and the rear camera simaltaneously!  User can then superimpose herself into the picture.
  • The Drama Shot  – shoots 12 shots in 4 seconds
  • The Sound to Shot – allows you to add 9 seconds of audio to shots.
  • Dual Video Call – while video chatting see yourself and the view from the rear camera at the same time.
  • Story Album – turn your pics into intuitive albums and even print them into photobooks through Samsung’s partnership with Blurb

7.  Smart Scroll and Smart Pause – This amazing feature uses facial recognition and tilt to allow users to scroll up and down without touching the phone.  And with the Smart Pause, if a user is no longer watching what is on the screen the S4 will automatically pause the video.



8.  Group Play – Share music by turning multiple S4s into surround sound and throw the ultimate party!

9.  Samsung WatchON – Turn your smartphone into the ultimate remote control for your TV, cable box, and Blu-Ray players.  Also has a program guide.

10. Samsung Optical Reader – Import your business cards into a database by taking a picture.

11.  S Voice Drive – For hands-free calling and text-to-voice while driving.

12. S Translator – This is one of TGATP’s favorite features.  Voice-to-text and Text-to-Voice translation of nine languages.

13. S Health – With a built-in pedometer, blood sugar and blood pressure monitors, and a calorie counter, S Health is your personal health care worker in your phone. (I would love to see a sleep evaluation feature added to this.)

And stayed tuned, as developers told me that a new Note, the Note III is the next Samsung launch set for this year!

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