TGATP Holiday Gift Idea: Logitech and i-Home Audio Speakers

This holiday season the home of TGATP has been tapped by the Audio Fairy!  Logitech has sent me a number of outstanding audio products that are an absolute music lovers dream!  To complete the sound restoration of my abode, i-Home sent over the best speakers on the market, the incredible iP3 .

Since the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 arrived, I have spent days pumping my Pandora stations and watching Netflix films through it and it is just AWESOME!  This should be the top choice for everyone on your list, especially folks with a home office.

The incredibly lightweight Logitech s715i Rechargeable Speaker for i-Pod and i-Phone, is the ideal portable speaker, perfect for both in your home and on the road.  It gives quality booming sound in a very sleek package.

I am mad for headphones and have tested tons of them this year.  My current favorites are Logitech’s Ultimate Ears. Totally noise reducing, they completely drown out the street and subway noise and allow me to just drift away into my music.  Recently on the train platform, I had these headphones on and I was so deep in my music that I missed the train!  That’s how effective these babies are in shutting out both the NYC clatter and the murmur of little men!

On top of my new Logitech gear, i-Home sent me one of the best stereos on the market the Bonjiovi designed, iP3 (pictured above) .  With 5o watts of power, there is simply no better small stereo on the market for quality sound than this!

Two other favorite TGATP products from i-Home are the iHM78 two Rechargeable mini speakers and the iHM12 Speaker Case for MP3 Players which will keep you wired for sound while on your travel over the river and through the woods, this holiday season.

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