Panasonic Luncheon And Tutorial With Chef Hadar Cohen Aviram

While some of my fellow tech reviewers didn’t review the Panasonic Panasonic NU-HX100S Countertop Oven & Indoor Grill with Induction Technology (IH) and Infrared Heat, Stainless Steel favorably, I think it is more that they have no idea how to cook! Because I experienced an incredible meal made almost solely in this must-have kitchen appliance. Its revolutionary dual cooking technology combines induction and infrared heating for gourmet results and fast, flavorful one-pan meals.  I want one really badly now, as it is a timesaving miracle! Every home could benefit from having this handy tool especially during the summer months when you really don’t want to be slaving in a hot kitchen and during the holidays. 

While I am a decent to good chef, rice and grains can often be a challenge. Thus, I also am living for the Panasonic 5-Cup (Uncooked) Microcomputer Controlled Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker, Stainless Steel/White, that allows you to cut perfect rice and other grains every time. It also will keep the cooked ingredients warm for up to 8 hours! Imagine how handy that will be this Thanksgiving and holiday season.

Chef Hadar,
who runs the test kitchen at Panasonic, was wonderfully engaging and taught me a lot. I learned how to make quick dill pickles and a delectable pomegranate tabbouleh and will run those recipes in the future. In the meantime, prepare your kitchen by picking up the incredible Panasonic appliances pictured above.




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