If The Oscar Nominees Lived In Williamsburg Brooklyn



The Oscars highlighted some great achievements in the film industry this year. But while there was a world-record-setting selfie and a stack on the red carpet, we just didn’t think there was enough “hipsterism” at the Oscars. So check out these images from DesignCrowd, who launched a design contest for their army of over 160,000 designers, to create hipster versions of Oscar nominees and winners.


The contest received over 140 designs with the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio, Judy Dench, Sandra Bullock and Chiwetel Ejofor receiving hipster makeovers.


Designers from all over the world flexed their creative muscle and dressed their favourite stars in skinny jeans, Dr. Martens, thick framed glasses, itchy beanies and poorly kept facial hair.


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