Happy 20th Birthday to Avon Anew!



On Wednesday, Avon ANEW celebrated its milestone 20th birthday at downtown hotspot Thom Bar.  The event was a true 90’s flashback and a trip down memory lane.  We were zipped back to 1992 the year that ANEW was launched complete with 90’s memorabilia, as well as special appearances from supermodel and ANEW spokesperson, Paulina Porizkova and 90’s TV icon, Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!).

That Guy At The Party Alfonso Rebiero



ANEW’s two latest products were also introduced during the event: Genics Eye Treatment and Clinical Resurfacing Expert.  Alfonso was sooo much fun.  He got the crowd bopping to OPP then led everyone in a Tom Jones imitation!  He is definitely THAT GUY at the party.  And I love Paulina!  She’s glam and tons of unpretentious fun!  Luv her!  I used to live around the corner from her and Ric and they always were so nice when I saw them in the streets.  And wonderful that, in an era of “we love each other but have decided to separate” they are still together after 27 years!  Are you listening, Demi and Ashton and all the other people who quit on each other?

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