#EqualPayDay Facts And Solutions From Take The Lead Women



Today is Equal Pay Day. It is ridiculous that we still even need to have an Equal Pay Day or a discussion about it. Women are highly skilled and working in every field, why are we still fighting for this. Though technically Equal Pay Day is today, it is just the start of a six-month stretch when different groups of women begin to match their male counterparts on a weekly pay basis. For Asian women Equal Pay Day arrives March 15th; for Black Women August 23rd; Native American women September 14th; and Latinas must wait until November 1st! This is an OUTRAGE. Especially since nowadays 50% of family units are single moms working and raising kids. Why should we continue to allow white men to work less and make so much more than we do? This has to stop.

Fortunately, there are wonderful organizations, like Take The Lead Women founded by one of my favorite people Gloria Feldt, working to help women get pay equity. Here are some infographics from her organization that show the facts and also offer some solutions.

The Facts

Steps Women Can Take



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