Help Raise Money For Suicide Prevention With Dr. Brandt



Millions of people all over the world find even getting through the day a struggle. Depression can hit anyone at anytime. And once it occurs, it can reoccur at any time. I know first hand. The death of my mother six years ago, left me totally despondent and in a very dark place. Many people are less fortunate and end their lives to end the emotional pain. Unfortunately, two years ago, renowned dermatologist and skincare expert, Dr. Brandt was one of them.

To coincide with Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, the Dr. Brandt Foundation is launching a new social media campaign, #sayiloveyou, dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the fight against suicide and depression. 

To support the campaign, the Foundation is launching a limited-edition, specially-priced #sayiloveyou skincare kit ($38, valued at $75) housed in a #sayiloveyou tote bag adorned with a bright-red heart.
The kit contains a collection of dr. brandt skincare® bestsellers, including:
  • Pores No More® Pore Refiner Primer
  • Mini Microdermabrasion
  • Pores No More® Luminizer Primer sample packet
  • A temporary heart tattoo to encourage purchasers to share the love on social media
A percentage of the proceeds of this kit will go to the Dr. Brandt Foundation. The kit is set to go live on on September 10th for $38.

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