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Rohto® Ice Cooling Eye Drops Keep Your Peepers Sparkling!

They say that the eyes are the windows to the Soul, so make sure to keep them crystal clear! These cooling drops from Rohto Ice are perfect to ensure an end to the redness cause by allergies or pool water. Bat those beautiful eyes at the nearest hunky lifeguard this 4th of July!

Target Wedding Says Be Yourself Together

The folks at one of our very favorite stores, Target asked TGATP to check out their “Be Yourself Together” wedding registry and shop for an interesting wedding gift pairing. Check out what we chose in this fun Target sponsored post,

How Best To Prepare Yourself For Moving House

It’s Spring so many TGATP readers are looking for new abodes! The key to a successful and less traumatic house move is good advance planning. Taking control of what happens when, from packing, to getting the movers in, to storage where necessary and to unpacking, the secret is to think it through, write it down, and then get on with it. Here are some tips.